The Team

Jonathan Blitz

Director and Principal

Jonathan began his career in hospitality with the prestigious Aman Resorts. At the age of 22 he was appointed the youngest ever General Manager of an Aman Resort by the Chairman, Adrian Zecha, and subsequently spent 10 years as GM of 3 different Aman resorts as well as working on special projects in Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore for Aman Resorts. Thereafter, he took the helm as General Manager of Baros Maldives, one of the Maldives oldest and most prestigious resorts. He moved to Central America to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist here with the intention of bringing the Asian level of hospitality to The Americas. He worked in Mexico with the World-renowned hospitality guru and owner of Design Hotels, Claus Sendlinger on the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum. During his 5 years in Belize he has successfully lead several prestigious projects. He has also made meaningful friendships with many civil and government figures and has developed a strong network within Belize and Central America in a variety of fields. Recognising the incredible amount of opportunity in Belize, he decided to form new alliances, start new businesses and get involved in new projects with a view to being able to play an instrumental part in the development of Belize. His experience in these places and beyond brings an incredible depth and variety of expertise to the partnership. He is a born explorer and loves safari trips and fly-fishing.

Ana Sieckavizza

Architect & Interior Designer

Ana graduated Cum Laude in Architecture from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. She went on to study her Masters in Milan from Scuola Politecnica di Milano where she achieved her Masters in Interior and Retail Design- specialized in the hospitality industry. After her Masters, she worked for for two years in Milan with the firm Caberlon Caroppi. During this time she was on the design team for the Holiday Inn Praia Mare, and the Milan Hilton and the 4 Seasons in Rome. Apart from these projects she was involved in numerous other retail design projects with the Firm. Ana also participated in the design of a pop-up hotel called Room Under the Moon in 2012. She then returned to Guatemala City to open her own office where she designed retail spaces such as restaurants and shops over a period of three years. In 2015 she joined forces with Roberto de Oliveira Castro and ran and managed his design office for 2 years until she moved to Belize full time to supervise the architecture of Itz’ana Resort and Residences. Ana has now joined forces with Jonathan in DCG and together the are able to provide a unique offering to their clients.

Rajesh Pant

Financial Advisor

With over 32 years of experience in the financial, management and planning sector of the hospitality industry, Rajesh brings a great depth of experience to the business. Rajesh is a dynamic, hands-on hospitality professional with financial expertise, operations insight, and technical skills, seeking a Senior Management position, to assist in maximizing profitability, managing growth, and developing a team of leaders within the organization. Experienced in preparation and implementation of budgets, asset management, treasury management, ROI maximization, feasibility study, valuation, acquisitions and project management. During his three decades of industry experience he has worked in various geographical locations that include Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, Caribbean and Middle East.